Sunday, April 8, 2012

Snow Patrol - Fallen Empire


I was driving when I first heard the first single, Called out in the dark. I recognised the voice to be Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol but the song.... it's not Snow Patrol, not their usual style anywhere. There is an upbeat tempo to it, like a dance tune. I was left guessing because there was no mention of the band's name on the radio.

But yes it's them.

For its sixth album, the band change its musical direction by adding new elements to their sound. The first track, I'll Never Let Go will jolt fan off a bit; so is the frantic Fallen Empire which I found to be very 'chaotic'. I'm not too fond of both tracks.

Called Out in The Dark is the only song with the new 'element' that I like.

Go past the first few tracks and the album settled back to the familiar Snow Patrol's style. It's back to the guitar, piano, melodic ballad, heartfelt lyrics and the wonderful yearning voice of Gary. They shine at these songs and these are what they do best.

But of course, this is a biased opinion - I'm fan.

And I'm so happy to see them Live in Singapore!