Sunday, August 19, 2012

Snow Patrol Live in Singapore 2012

Priceless experience

Light light up, 
As if you have a choice,
Even if you cannot hear my voice,
I'll be right beside you dear

Run from Snow Patrol is my one of my absolute favourite. I always wish I can sing along to this song live at their gig. Thus, when I heard the news that they are coming to Singapore to for a show, I simply cannot miss it!   

                                         Gary Lightbody with Nathan Connolly on the left

They are fantastic live, even better than on recording. They played well together as a band, sound great and move from one song to another seamlessly. It also helps that they have a charming frontman. Gary is fun and funny. He knows how to get the crowd going, joking and getting them to sing along. I'm sure he has the same sing-along happening in other gigs especially for songs like Run and Chasing Car but his face still lights up when he heard the crowd sing - one can see that he is genuinely happy and appreciative.  

At one point during the chorus of In The Ends, he jumped off stage and went to the barricade in front and continue singing, so close to the crowd that they can actually touch him. After he went back on stage,  he thanked the crowd for not grabbing his bottom (!) and now they have missed their chances. He dedicated the next songs to them: "This one goes out to all of you who didn't grab my bottom.That was your chance!" It was hilarious! 

The poignant moment during the encore where he dedicated the song, Lifening to his dad, calling his dad the greatest man that he'd ever known.

The incredible crowd at Fort Canning Gate! Photo was taken by Gary with his iPhone and posted in his twitter account. 

The setlist

1. Berlin (Instrumental)
2. Hands Open
3. Take Back The City
4. Crack The Shutters
5. This Isn’t Everything You Are
6. Run
7. In The End
8. New York
9. Set The Fire To The Third Bar
10. Make This Go On Forever
11. Shut Your Eyes
12. Chasing Cars
13. Chocolate
14.Called Out In The Dark
15. Fallen Empires
16. Open Your Eyes
17. You’re All I Have
  1. Lifening
  2. Just Say Yes