Sunday, October 16, 2011

From Mountain to the Sea

Mission fails before it started!

I went to Sabah in July with the mission to climb Mount Kinabalu. But I couldn't do it at all as I fell sick. I was not feeling well the days before the trip but once I reach Kota Kinabalu, it became worse. On the way to Ranau (where the mountain is located) I lost my voice. The low temperature of the highland did not help and made me feel worse.

This trip was organised by a group of climbers to raise money for charity. All we need to do was just paid a fees that will covers all accommodation and transportation, except the flight tickets. Accommodations included a stay in Kinabalu Park and Sutera Harbour on the last day of the trip.

We stayed at Kinabalu Park on the night before the climb. My group climbed on the next day while I moved into another resort with some of the people in the group who didn't climb.

Our chalets at Kinabalu Park

Fire to warm the room at night

I only felt better once I reached Sutera Harbour Resort. Standing at the beach, I realise I like sea more than mountain. I don't like the cold when we were in Ranau. Maybe I was sick.

When I first agreed to the trip, I was keen to take on the challenge and to get myself to exercise. But now, even though I fail in the mission, I don't feel like I want to try to climb again.

Maybe I'll change my mind one day.