Sunday, August 27, 2017

Central Market by Hari Ho

(Hari Ho - Yap Hoh)
What a cool image of an old man! I recognised the white singlet and the pant; these were common clothing for men in the old days especially for old Chinese elderly men. My grandfather worn them too; maybe that's why the photo appeals to me - it reminds me of him.

The photo is one of the portraits featured in an exhibition by Hari Ho in Wei Ling Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. The title of Ho' solo work, Central Market referred to the wet market which was closed in 1985. The portraits are of the traders and people who worked in the market. Ho shot these portraits during the final weeks before the market closed.

Interestingly, the people in the portraits seem comfortable and even smile and strike poses for him. That's because Ho spent some times getting to know the people in the market before he started to take photos of them.
(Hari Ho - Wong Yen Hoon)
Like this man, Wong Yen Hoon who suddenly raised his arm when his photo was taken. He later explained to Ho that for a portrait like this, he would like to greet the world.
Hari Ho - Wong Chee Mun
And this man, Wong Chee Mun, and eccentric collector of military paraphernalia who snapped to attention and saluted!

Hari Ho - Lorry Boy
Sadly, there was one person the photographer did not manage to know.  "Lorry Boy' was called away for work right after Ho photographed him. The people in the market told Ho that he's a lorry boy, who worked with a lorry team to load and upload supplies at the market. Even though Ho returned to the market every day after that, he couldn't see him. Ho often wonder what happen to him. If you have information, please contact the gallery.

The Day After

Showing at Wei Ling Gallery from 2 August to 10 September 2017.

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