Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Johnny Marr Live in Singapore 2015

I just like playing good shows and at a point where you’ve played a lot of stuff that’s new, it’s good to play a song that people know,"Johnny Marr said in an interview with The Guardian.

I’m glad he played some of his old stuff.

I like Marr’s new solo stuff but it’s a different feeling to see him play songs like ‘How Soon is Now’ which he gave an electrifying performance! It was great to see he performed the songs he wrote more than three decades ago and expressed them in his own way.

Since his departure from The Smith, he had played with different bands and toured with them. In 2013, he released his first solo album which was followed quickly by another in 2014. He settled comfortably in his new role as a frontman and singer. He knows the audiences expected him to play his old stuff; he obliged and enjoyed playing them without feeling forced.

In addition to his Smith’ songs, he also played ‘Getting away with it’ by The Electronic which he formed with Bernard Sunmer from New Order - I enjoyed the song especially the part where he replaced the synth in the song with a guitar riff. He also covered Depeche Mode, ‘I feel you’.

He started his show on the dot at 8 pm! I wish more artistes/bands will do that (Morrissey made us waited an hour for his concert in 2012). Oh, and he performed five songs for encore!

The crowd at the concert were mostly white expats, middle-aged men - most probably fans of The Smith. Morrissey had a bigger venue and bigger audience in his concert here but that probably because he has been a solo artist far longer than Marr. 

Though, I wondered if there were no venues available other than NUS Cultural Hall. It's not suitable for a rock/guitar concert. There were numbered seats but everyone was standing because that's the way to rock and enjoy the music!