Sunday, March 22, 2015

Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2

The hotel is located inside KLIA2 and is designed for transit travellers who need a place to recharge before their next flights, especially those arriving late at night and need to catch early flight few hours later. Rates are charged by hours - three hours, six hours and 12 hours. 

It provides a separate area (dorm and bathroom) for men and females. 


The room is built from a freight container. A roller blind functions as the door for the container. A built-in compartment on the floor provides storage space though no lock is provided. Locker is provided near the entrance for big items like luggage. Another built-in compartment next to the phone open up to a mirror and a table.


The common area is next to the entrance of the airport where buses depart and arrive. 

The hotel is located at level 1 at the transportation hub. 

Tel: +(60)37610 2020 
Facebook: Containerhotelkl