Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Coffee to Remember

I forgot to pay for my coffee and I walked back to the café to pay.


Garage 51 is a cafe at Bandar Sunway, situated at the industry area next to Sunway University and Sunway College. It's popular for its coffee and decor. 

However, I have another reason to remember this place - that I forgot to pay for my coffee and I walked back to do the right thing (ahem). 

Why do I even bother to do so? Especially since no one stops or ask me to pay? 

All I can say is I knew I couldn't walk away once I realised the situation since I was only few steps away from the shop. 

I went for a quick caffeine fix and to use the WiFi to send an urgent email from my laptop. When I walked in, one of the staff informed me that I could sit down first and he will take my order. So I did that and started to do my work. My espresso macchiato came, I drank it and continued to work. After I was done, I packed up and leave. 

Most of the cafes that I have been to were the self-service type where I usually ordered at the counter and paid first before sitting down and receiving my drink; and where I usually just leave after I was done. So it's the same here, I just followed the motion absent-mindlessly and walked out. Nobody came and show me the bill.

The staff standing by the door even said goodbye to me. I walked to my car nearby, placed my bag in the boot and got into the driver seat. It was then that I remembered I haven't pay for my coffee! The thought chosen to cross my mind then and then. Not when where I could be driving some distances  away or stuck in a traffic jam somewhere far with no easy options of turning back. 

So I went back to the cafe. I walked to the counter and told the cashier I wanted to pay. I pointed to the table where I sat, the cup and saucer which were clear by now. I think no one realised that the bill for that table was no paid. Not until at night when they need to count the till (cash register).   

Sometimes and something we remember, others we forget. As I typed this, I try to remember how's the coffee or the atmosphere of the place. I remembered the place was busy and crowded with students. 

But....  I just can't remember how's the coffee.  

Garage 51