Sunday, May 20, 2012

Morrissey Live in Singapore 2012

It's over still I cling......

Morrissey came on to the stage at 9pm, an hour late. No opening band but we were treated to videos on screen, showing some of his favourite artists - Nico, Shocking Blue, Sparks, Francoises Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, New York Dolls. The 'opening' videos were entertaining and made the waiting bearable. The final clip was of Lypsinka; and as she screams, bell chimes were heard and finally, Morrissey appeared! Bowing slightly, he then addressed the crowd, "Singapore City, this is your life!" before launching into the opening Smiths' track, How Soon is Now.

Boz Boorer was in drag while the rest of the band were topless. The drums were emblazoned with Singapore's flag. With an image of Oscar Wilde and a caption of Who is Morrissey?, the backdrop was amazing, creating a great background for photo opportunity.  

Image from Aloysius Lim/LAMC Production 

"If there were a time to lose your head, it is now," he said before the second song, You Have Killed Me.

I also remembered that he said something like these in between songs:

"Do you actually wonder why you are here? Well, you might, give it time"

"I have this idea that I'll come here to a beautiful opera house or symphony hall, with people in the balcony wearing wigs, jewellery, fake grandparent and here I am... well here I am."

Meat is Murder was accompanied by images of animal being slaughtered shown on screen, adding a certain dramatic effect to the song. When the song finished, he went off to change shirt. He changed about 3 or 4 time that night.

Perhaps the reason for that particular shirt change was that he planned to throw it to the crowd in the next song! He chosen just the right moment to do it, as he sang the line, "And then you open your eyes, you see someone you physically despite" (Let Me Kissed You). In one deft motion, his flung open his shirt and the crowd went wild! 

The setlist. 


He included quite a number of songs from his recent albums rather than his old stuff. There were not many Smiths tracks which may disappointed some fans but it should be expected - it's a Morrissey's Greatest Hits Tour not The Smiths. I'm glad he included I Know It's Over and Please Let Me Get What I Want. I bet many, me included were hoping for There is a Light That Never Goes Out, a well-loved track among Smiths' fan; it would be a great choice for encore, sealing a memorable night.  

The song for the encore was Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me. Before he went off, he shook hand with the fans standing in front and accepted their gifts. Then he left, leaving us wanting more. I still stood there for a while, hoping he'll be back for another song. It felt like the show ended too soon, too fast.

His parting words, "Wherever you go, I'll be close behind", a line that no doubt fans will take to their hearts as his songs will always be with them.