Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Girls love flowers

Guys friend always asked me:

What is a good first gift to give to a girl that I like?

What should I give to my girlfriend as apology?

Answer: Flowers

It's the best and safest gift to give as your first or as an apology. It's not too cheap or expensive. And even if she doesn't like you, she won't say no and return the flower to you; she will just throw it away or give it to someone else... without your knowledge of course J

Most girls will say flowers are a waste of money, that they rather have CASH (who doesn't) but really, they don't mind receiving it, especially in the office - as she can show-off in front of her colleagues.

If she is a chocolate lover, then you can also give her a Ferrero chocolate bouquet or chocolate gift basket or hamper!

By the way, I didn't receive that flowers. It belongs to a client; I just borrow it to pose for a photo!