Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sungai Klah Hot Springs

Went to a day trip to Sungai Klah hot springs in Perak last Sunday.

It was my first visit to hot spring. I was expecting a full body spa-like session, soaking in the hot water but it was not the case. The hot spring pools were only knee-length deep and small. There was a theme-park like water pool but the water was not hot.

One cool thing about the place is the egg boiling area, where you put a basket full of eggs into the water and wait for it to cook! The water temperature at the selected area for egg boiling can go up to 100C and is strictly not for soaking your feet!

We stopped by Ipoh at a shop named Loh Wong for its famous Hor Fun and Beansprout chicken. It was delicious! I don't normally eat soup-based noodle because I find it too bland, but the hor fun soup was so nice. The beansprout was slightly bigger in size than what we normally have in KL, it was ok for me but the chicken was good. And it was cheap too!

The day we went to this trip is 27/07/2008 so we decided to buy the number 2778 but it was sold out in all three shops! Luckily it didn't come out...

If only we managed to buy the number and win, to pay for the trip!