Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kemensah Waterfall: Living in a hut

Kemensah Waterfall is located in Ulu Selangor.

The pondok (hut) we stayed was quite interesting, in that it has nothing except a few tikar (mat) and a light bulb as our main source of light! Mattresses are provided upon request. The electricity for the light bulb was generate from a generator, which was only turn on from 6pm till 7am the next day! As for the toilet, we use the one attached to the house of the Malay couple who run the place.

Being a city girl, it was my first experience living in such bare necessities. Yes, sad to say, I have never go camping before. It was good to be surrounded by nature. Even the network signal for our phones were weak, most of the time we don't get any signal at all.

Quiet and peaceful, all I did was laze around and read my book...